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ASCenSIon at IAC 2021

30. October 2021

IAC 2021 Group
Our Early Stage Researchers have finally met for the first time at IAC 2021 in Dubai after more than one year of remote collaboration! What a great experience!

Did you miss our talks? Reach out to us! The presented papers have been:

- RLV applications: challenges and benefits of novel technologies for sustainable main stages.
Main author: Mateusz Gulczynski

- Mission analysis, gnc and atd for reusable launch vehicles within ASCenSIon: multi-orbit multi-payload injection, re-entry and safe disposal
Main author: Alice De Oliveira

- Conceptual study of technologies enabling novel green expendable upper stages with multi-payload/multi-orbit injection capability
Main author: Lily Blondel Canepari

- Advanced nozzle concepts in retro-propulsion applications for reusable launch vehicle recovery: a case study
Main author: Giuseppe Scarlatella

- Comparison between a 500n electric pump fed hydrogen peroxide/ethanol thruster and the mmh/nto legacy systems
Main author: Livia Ordoñez Valles

Andrea Vennitti
Guillermo Joaquín Domínguez Calabuig
Felix Weber
Melissa Lantelme
Christopher Glaser
Riccardo Gelain
Alberto Sarritzu
Lucía Ayala Fernández
Iñigo Alforja Ruiz
Jacopo Guadagnini

It was a great experience with a lot of fruitful exchange, as well as a pleasure to meet and socialize in person again!

Funding and Coordination

Also see our profile at CORDIS.

The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 860956.

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