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ASCenSIon at IAC 2022

23. September 2022

IAC 2022 Group

Last week, ASCenSIon attended IAC 2022 - Space for All in Paris with six exciting talks given by our ESRs:

  • Alberto Sarritzu (ESR 11), from Università di Pisa, presented an assessment of propulsion system architectures for green propellants-based orbital stages in Session D2.3.
  • Alice De Oliveira (ESR 14), from Politecnico di Milano, gave an assessment of reusable launch vehicles re-entry dynamics control effectiveness with enhanced aerodynamics modelling in Session C1.5.
  • Iñigo Alforja Ruiz Alforja Ruiz (ESR 13), from Politecnico di Milano, introduced an analysis of multi-orbit multi-payload injection scenarios for an upper stage in Session C1.5.
  • Riccardo Gelain (ESR 9), from Université libre de Bruxelles, showed a conceptual design of a N2O/Paraffin hybrid sounding rocket in the Interactive presentation.
  • Lucía Ayala Fernández (ESR 12), from Technische Universität Braunschweig, displayed an analysis of post-mission disposal strategies for rocket bodies in Session A6.5.
  • Lily Blondel Canepari (ESR 5), from Università di Pisa, introduced a roadmap toward a greener kick stage propulsion system in Session D6.2.

It was a great opportunity to exchange with the broad space community and meet again among the ASCenSIon members!

Stay tuned for more ASCenSIon news!

IAC 2022

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